It was like a dream - really enjoy every day!

It was like a dream - really enjoy every day!

In March 2016 I took a 6 day trek to Gosaikunda Lake. Due to my previous climbing experience, which was very poor, to be honest I didn't expect to reach my goal. With help of guide and porter I made it. These are highly professional guys and I didn't felt insecure in one second of my trek, and we together survived thunderstorm blizzard and 4.3 earthquake during one night. Guide and porter evaluate my strength and they adopt to my tempo giving me enough time to rest but every day we reach our goal on time.

During my trek accommodation was nice and food was excellent. Of course, you must be aware that you are on isolated place on 2.000-3.000-4.000 meters and cannot expect Las Vegas style hotels but I really enjoy every day. People told me before my trip that I will have some stomach problems and to be prepared for everything but all my medicine return home with me to Croatia.

Landscapes are beautiful, but also some earthquake scenes made me sad. Rhododendron forests, mountain peeks, springs, small and big temples on way up and down, hospitality of local people made me promise to myself that I'll be back soon. I am 100% sure I will be back and I will definitely call Rames to make my trek again. It was like a dream!

Teo Ostojić


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